October 13, 2017

What you NEED to know BEFORE you travel AFRICA!! SUPER IMPORTANT!

What you NEED to know BEFORE you travel AFRICA!! SUPER IMPORTANT!

This is everything I needed to know before I traveled Africa. Learn from my mistakes and come more prepared!

The audio is a little behind the video for a couple minutes in the middle but you can still hear what I’m saying. It returns back to normal soon.

Here are the links I mention in the video:

BOOK: http://www.backpackingafricaforbeginners.com/book
DIRKOSH: http://www.eatdirkosh.com
Clever Travel Companion Blog Review: http://backpackingafricaforbeginners.com/clever-travel-companion-review/
Clever Travel Companion Video Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VN2WeJrWfW0

2ND EDITION RELEASED: March 25, 2016


Charles Green

I'm going to be visiting Africa partially because of you. If you're still there when I arrive I'd love to meet you!

Ozi Alajaln

Great video many thanks. Keep it up :)

Christopher Nablo

Fellow Hoosier! We're planning a trip through ivhq to Cape Town!!


No information here. Sorry, i don't feel that video/information merited the all capitol letters and multiple exclamation points. Its a sales pitch more than an informative video, but Godspeed young pilgrim.

leaderless society

Do you have a husband?

Gary Weber

do you have an e-mail address

societal blacksheep

Hello there.
I've always wanted to travel but I'm pretty overweight (200 pounds) and I've been trying so hard to loose weight so I can travel but it literally won't go.
What do you recommend..

Barbara Cady

Just bought your book to help me to plan my trip to Africa, will start to read and will star my trip next month. Congratulations for the website, for the book and for the videos! Hope to meet you soon in Ethiopia :)

Christina Kottmann

Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I totally intend on buying your book soon. I noticed that you posted this 10 months ago, so my first question is are you still in Ethiopia? Jan. 2017? I'd love to come to Africa in April 2017 so if you are there still it'd be great to meet! Let me know. :)


Great stuff.

vacay islife

I can't wait ti start my journey to the motherland Africa I just complated three months in asia which was great now back home in the states for a few months for work planning to start my journey between April or may no later then June i planning to travel though Africa for 4 months to 1 year. I'm Haitian/African I can't wait to go back to my roots and explore it. Love your video blog its really nice and interesting with a lot of details I will support and buy one of your books to get all the details i and about living in Africa i want to see more of East Africa and West Africa. then Just out a few place in South Africa I hope you are still there by the time i come keep up the videos


Natalie tuke

Hi! I would love to meet with you if you're still in Addis. I fly in Tuesday :) [email protected]

Alin Badoiu

Your videos are great! You really help a lot of people who want to travel cheap to africa.


Great tips, thanks!


you're so flipping cute haha


Instantly subscribed! I've travelled around Kenya and it's so important to dispel all of these myths about 'big bad Africa' and the fear that a lot of Americans have about travel as a woman. I love your videos, keep them coming :)

Life Nomadic

I'm doing the exact same route in July! I tried to download your book but it keeps telling me the link is broken. :/

Jennifer Masnyj

I was wondering, when you backpacked Africa were you able to speak with the locals, and what languages do you know helped you in you trip


God be with you!

Ricardo Rey

I want to travel Africa… but have no idea where to start. I'm thinking Nigeria.. but I'm seeing the bigger picture, thank you. I'm going to keep watching.

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