April 18, 2016

paris,rome or nyc?…?

Where should i go paria,rome or nyc?Please tell me asmuch imformation as possible because its scary not knowing anything…


Orange Flow



Trust me go to ROME!

i went there last summer it was unforgettable. Everything about it is great. Who says you can only find love in Paris ;) trust me Italians are very hospitable and extremely friendly life loving people. Stylish yet not snobby, and the food is great!!! The streets are beautiful, it has so much amazing culture.

Oh, and if you see people selling fake purses and you want to buy one, don’t settle for anything less than 10 euros, and when they say the price is free, it means cheap, and 70 euros is a rip off so don’t go for it.

Also definitely check out the many street markets, it’s always fun to bargain and get some great little clothes from here and there.

Try little cafeterias, they have selection of fresh yummy foods, you make your dish and sit in the cute little swanky restaurant.

And go ahead stay up late, those Italians are partiers, also if you didn’t know…. In Europe they eat dinner later, and usually they dress up in nicer clothes at twilight and walk around the town.

Go into a nice cafe or friendly pub, get to know some other fellow tourists or some hot Italian from around town. ;)
Enjoy everything there is about Italy, from there coffee, pizza and ice cream, to there very unique, trendy, and high fashion, and there amazing sculptures and museums, with alot of there night life party scenes…. just soak it all in!


Your interests and age do play some part in advising on where to go, and the purpose of your trip also matters.

My personal favorite it Paris as it has many museums (and I think it is either the first or the last sunday of the month they are FREE to get into)

Rome is a close second although my personal knowledge of the city is more limited. The historical sites in Rome make for excellent touring experiences.

If you look at the tourist information for the cities you are thinking of visiting, they will have more information that is specific to your interests.

Another consideration is if you speak or want to learn French or Italian.. both are beautiful languages.

I am not sure what you are afraid of when you say knowing nothing is scary.. there are many resources for you to read about each of these cities so you can gear your travel to your own interests.

to get you started I found these:
Rome http://www.romeguide.it/
Paris http://www.paris.org/
NYC http://www.nycvisit.com/home/index.cfm


go to all 3!!!

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