How to Questions and Answers About Travel

tour plan to toronto?

help me for a best tour plan schedule in toronto for 2 weeks please

I plan on going to Canada this summer by car but have an OUI/DWI on my record, can I still get in?

I have heard they will not let me know the country without clearing it with them before and paying a tax for a temporary travel permit. No lectures please, I don’t drink anymore.

How do people raise their children in France?

How do people raise their children in France?

What are your favourite shows ? Drama/Sitcoms/Cartoons?

Sitcoms: Its always sunny in Philadelphia, Free Radio, 30 Rock,Weed, Seinfeld ,Cougar Town, Royal Airfarce, The Office ( Brit and US ) Drama: Fringe, The Mentalist, CSI NY, McLeod’s Daughter ( Aussie ), used to watch Ghost Whisperer for obvious reasons Cartoons/Adult and Kids : Family Guy, Cow and Chicken, I Are Baboon and Looney…

Is England really like what is being portrayed in skins uk?

I love england but watching skins makes me hate it? Idk, like is it that trashy all over or just in the rare and really bad areas? Important questions bc I’m applying to schools in the uk especially in manchester.

whats the best, cheapest travel agency in toronto?

whats the best, cheapest travel agency in toronto?

peaceful french songs recommended?

do u have any peaceful french songs that u recommend me to hear?

My friend lives in Ottawa and i want to see him so i am taking a plain i need help with some questions!?

My friend lives in ottawa and i live here in B.C and i want to see him. but I’M only 15 so i have never gone on a trip to anywhere any i am taking an independent trip all the way there. can someone give me some hints what do i do? what is it…

Where is the best place to vacation in Nova scotia?

FArm house with peace and quiet and near the ocean