April 18, 2016

How do you live in Canada, dealing with all the cold and stuff?

Like its frikin cold where i live in the United States. I can’t even imgaine how cold it gets in canada so how do you do it.



Canada is in my backyard so I can say that the spring summer and fall seasons are beautiful. The winters can be cold but there is plenty to do.


i have a girlfriend…a dog a cat…i shovel snow and eat peasoup….then every once in a while….yahoo wahoo


LOL how cold do you think it is? Do you know that Northern California is at the same latitude as some of Canada? Most of the country is populated at the 49th parallel.. the border to the states and its an AWESOME place to live. I cannot imagine not having real seasons, not making snow angels etc… Please dont buy into that old stereotype that we all drive dog sleds, live in igloos etc.. The cold? well, you get used to it if you don’t care for cold, but as for me.. winter is my favourite season..


they go to the border and WISH they lived in the US


We learn to cope with it. We have good warm boots, coats, hats, gloves, socks. We use studded snow tires on our cars in some provinces. We keep an emergency kit in the truck of our cars, consisting of candles, matches, blanket, chocolate, etc. We cook hearty meals such as stews, baked beans, soups when it is really cold. We drink hot chocolate. We enjoy outdoor sports. We shovel snow which helps keep us warm. And most important we have Timmie’s products to help keep us warm – Tim Horton’s that is!!!!!!!!!! :)


Have you heard of Alaska?


i live on the east coast of Canada, have you heard on the news about all the snow storms, we are Canadians, tough it out..besides having four seasons is the greates, i love it , you just dress for the weather. I live a couple minutes from Atlantic Ocean so it gets very windy too,


It’s a way of life, and Canada is a really big country – so it really depends on where you live.

Did you know that Vancouver in British Columbia is 10 Degrees Celsius warmer than New York City, at this present moment in time: http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/world/north_america/
…and the BBC world service is the first/only place, where I could find both countries displayed on the same map.


Uuuhhh, winter is only 4 months out of the year, just like much of the united states. You just make sure you have warm outer clothing and learn to make do. What do people in Maine and Vermont do?I live only about 3 hours from the us border.

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