April 18, 2016

Best Place to Live in Canada *criteria included?

Close to or easy access to (<1 hours drive away): Busy Beauty/Fashion Industry (not necessarily the busiest) Small/Large City Relatively cheap LAND Not TOO cold Thanks in advance. RELATIVELY cheap land <1 hours drive away from a City w/ Busy fashion industry. Relatively cheap suggests that its not toward the upper end of land costs... in other words: If all cities are expensive which ones are the least expensive? And notice, I dont have to live WITHIN the city. I dont mind up to an hour away.



Vancouver. Not cheap prices but cities are never cheap. For that you need to live rurally.


London Ontario
friendly,clean, safe

A P4834

Less than one hour away from what?

All our cities have expensive land. We did not have a sub-prime mortgage crisis.

The only city that doesn’t get cold is Vancouver.


An hour away from Toronto, house prices are around +/- $500 000. A house with land is around $1 000 000. Way up North, say two hours from the city, land with a house is around $800 000. It’s more around Vancouver, maybe a bit less north of Montreal.

Do you have a visa? The fashion industry isn’t a priority for selecting skilled immigrants.

A A-W Hussain

I think London, ON is nice. It’s a good size but not as big as Toronto. Close enough to Toronto too. :)

Psychedelic Groupie

Montreal is the fashion capital of Canada. I’m not sure there is much of a fashion industry outside that, except in very small amounts here and there.

Montreal is a large city: living on the edge of it would put you a hour from downtown! Land is cheaper there compared to other cities, but, you will pretty much need French to live there happily.

kiss me kate

You forgot to include the other part of the equation – what are you going to do once you get there? What assets are you bringing to Canada?
Almost every city, town and village in Canada has some form of beauty/fashion industry – hair dressing salons, beauty parlors etc. And when you get into the larger cities, it becomes more diverse.
It generally costs less to live in a smaller community – real estate and land prices are lower. But there are fewer amenities. I don’t think there is any land anywhere in Canada that could be called ‘cheap’.
Not too cold? Now you are placing yourself in the lower part of Canada – on either the West Coast, the Great Lakes area, or the East Coast.


The place you describe does not exist.

Not too cold beams southwest BC. However, southwest BC is not in the least cheap. And th eland is very pricey.

As for fashion industry your choices are Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Montreal is the only one with cheap land but the winters can be hideously cold.

SO really you have to tell us which do you want to sacrifice. Cheap land or being not too cold.

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